I’ve been yelped!


This past Sunday November 17, I was invited to participate in Yelp!‘s Bohemian Bash as an up and coming business!  To say I was excited totally minimizes how I felt to be invited to participate in this awesome “invite only” event!  All to benefit The Harbour House of Central Florida.  Even if I didn’t know anyone… it felt really cool to just know my baby.. my business was going to be part of this!

I spent the whole week prior to this inventing in my head how I could turn an ordinary  all purpose tent into a little oasis to greet a crowd of event goers…  I scoured the stores for just the right stuff… my tent went from this…


To this awesome henna oasis!



Details made it more charming and inviting!




I was swamped with a continuous line from beginning to end.  Which meant that every time I looked up… wait… I couldn’t look up! lol I was dishing out henna love left and right!  I was lucky to take a few pictures so I hope you enjoy some of the henna sampling that went on at The Bohemian Bash!

Peacock-TheHennaStudio TheHennaStudio-henna2 TheHennaStudio-henna3 TheHennaStudio-henna4

The following was taken by yelper Lisa W… check her out in Yelp! I loved reading her various reviews!!!


Isn’t it like an awesome picture?!

 With all the pictures that were taken by the amazing Bokeh Studio, I must admit the following is my favorite just cuz… I don’t get that many pics of me actually doing henna! (psst… go ahead and click where it says post and you’ll see me in action!)  Post by The Bokeh Studio.

I indeed had wonderful time chatting with the yelpers while I dished out some henna love!  Now, being totally new to Yelp! I got to learn a few things…  those that belong to a Yelp! community… are called yelpers! (did you check out my wristband up top?!)  They do events and introduce their yelpers to various event experiences and venues..  and this venue ladies and gentlemen was definitely an experience!  So I present to you …  The Acre Orlando, with all it’s little nooks, and spots, and havens and literally an oasis I have to say it is an amazing well kept secret in Central Florida!  Definitely not expected, but expect it to totally wow you.  But let me show you and you be the judge…

IMG_20131117_135713 IMG_20131117_135437 - Copy

IMG_20131117_135545 - Copy IMG_20131117_135507 - Copy

IMG_20131117_135324 - Copy IMG_20131117_135232 - Copy

IMG_20131117_135135 - Copy IMG_20131117_135040 - Copy

IMG_20131121_225240 IMG_20131121_225137

This venue by far was the best choice to host a Bohemian Bash!  So now I can say I have been yelped by none other than Yelp! itself!